Paris, September 17, 2015, 7 :00 am

While Prodways is preparing for the major end-of-year trade shows, several customers have acted on their strong interest in the technology developed by the Group.

MOVINGLight® technology, based on moving DLP® and strong UVA LEDs, offers unique levels of resolution, precision, homogeneity and overall efficiency in the manufacturing of parts for various industrial applications, namely in the dental, medical, aeronautical and jewelry sectors. For these customers, most of them experts in 3D printing technologies, the use of MOVINGLight® technology represents an important competitive advantage for current and future applications. This recognition confirms the relevance of the Group’s chosen development areas: design of machines and materials targeting production applications, high productivity, stability, and process repeatability. This competitive advantage has the drawback – in most cases – of withholding the disclosure of customers’ names. Nevertheless, the Group would like to inform the market of the strong growth in its sales and business relations over recent months. In addition to sales to distributors, a number of key accounts and leading customers in their fields have ordered or renewed orders during the first two years of Prodways’ operations. In particular, we can mention:

  • an international group based in North America, which ordered 3 machines, used in R&D and in Production. This group is likely to renew other orders;
  • a European 3D printing expert, which is now equipped with 3 machines;
  • several “Service Bureaux” (on-demand 3D parts printing) have incorporated MOVINGLight® technology as an alternative to conventional stereolithography techniques; they include one of the three leading Service Bureaux worldwide;
  • four key dental companies are using one or more machines for dental model applications, orthodontic devices, R&D, etc.;
  • several major groups in the aeronautical sector have purchased machines, in particular for R&D applications relevant to engines, with medium-term production prospects;
  • several R&D institutes have purchased machines and materials to develop new applications;
  • chemical groups have also purchased machines to explore the possibilities of MOVINGLight® technology regarding the use of new materials in 3D printing;
  • lastly, the jewelry industry (for which one customer is already using our machines) also has interesting production potential.

All of these successes together confirm the potential of this new activity for Groupe Gorgé. At the same time, Prodways is continuing its efforts across various fields of activity to provide the market with the best possible comprehensive offer: new technologies, expansion of the distribution network, strong presence in trade shows, etc. Moreover, Prodways will participate in the EuroMold trade show held in Düsseldorf from September 22 to 25, the TCT show in Birmingham on September 30 and October 1, and FormNext from November 17 to 20. Press release