Prodways© ProMaker L5000 3D printer, utilizing MOVINGLight® and Texas Instruments DLP® technology, to be displayed at Photonics West


Texas Instruments (TI) DLP® Products will exhibit its advanced light control solutions at Photonics West, from February 16-18th in San Francisco and will display Prodways© ProMaker L5000 DLP® technology enabled 3D printer using MOVINGLight® technology at booth #823.


TI’s award-winning DLP® technology offers advanced light control capabilities driving innovation for digital lithography, machine vision, 3D printing, spectroscopy and other industrial applications. The DLP® digital micromirror device (DMD) is an electrical input, optical output micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device that allows developers to perform high speed, efficient and reliable spatial light modulation.


For more than 15 years, TI DLP® technology, combined with high power LEDs, allows Prodways© proprietary and disruptive MOVINGLight® technology to print hundreds of millions of pixels per layer with high precision in all 3 dimensions at large production volumes. MOVINGLight® is now well-established as premium system of UV photo-polymerization allowing simultaneously unparalleled quality of the produced parts and distinctly improved production performance, up to 10 times faster than market standards, for a wide range of industrial and biomedical additive manufacturing applications.


Thanks to its unique 365nm wavelength, the UV polymerization of liquid resins, ceramic pastes and composite resins charged with ceramic, metal, fiber or nanoparticles provides Prodways with the means to meet a wide range of industrial and medical additive manufacturing applications.


To underline this collaboration, TI will display a ProMaker L5000 using MOVINGLight® technology at booth #823 at Photonics West that will take place from February 16-18th at Moscone Center ABC South Hall in San Francisco.


Raphael Gorgé, Chairman of Prodways states, “With MOVINGLight® technology, we are convinced that we are offering the market the perfect technology at the perfect time. This advantage, coupled with our ambition, efforts in R&D, and recent launch of our new complementary laser sintering range will allow us to establish Prodways as a key multi-technology player in 3D printing.”