Prodways extends its market coverage to Poland with Focus 3D and to Russia with Consistent Software Distribution (CSD)

After a successful participation at Photonics West with its proprietary MOVINGLight® technology, Prodways, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces the signature of 2 new partnerships agreements with Focus 3D in Poland and Consistent Software Distribution (CSD) in Russia.

Founded in 1989, Consistent Software Distribution (CSD) is the leading distributor of software, CAD, GIS, Plant design markets in the Russian Federation. CSD consultancy business rapidly develops in the fields of advanced technologies, BIM, 3D printing/scanning and is now leading more than 100 dealers and resellers in Russia.

With a deep knowledge of the market, focus on solution selling, Consistent Software Distribution (CSD) choose to partner Prodways and distribute its unique 3d printing technologies to a maximum market coverage in Russia.

“We are very pleased to be a partner of such a reliable, dynamic and strong company with the variety of innovative, high-quality and multifunctional products. We not only supply equipment but also provide our clients with technical support and innovative solutions of complex tools. We are sure that our cooperation will lead to a successful Prodways launch on the Russian market of 3D equipment”, said Andrey Trofimov, CSD Strategy Director.

In Poland, Focus 3D, is a specialized distributor of 3D solutions for dentistry. While the dental industry is increasingly using intra-oral scanners, thereby bringing the workflow into the digital realm, Focus 3D naturally choose to partner with Prodways as the specialist for 3D printing solutions in dental.

Those 2 new partnerships in Poland and Russia will extend Prodways market coverage and definitely strengthen its key position as a major player in the 3D printing market.