Prodways announces the sale of 6 first printers using laser sintering technology


Four months after the launch of its range of laser sintering printers dedicated to plastic powders (see press release of November 10, 2015), Prodways has announced the sale of 6 industrial printers using laser sintering technology, from its “Prodways by Farsoon” range. This announcement is the first success for the combined expertise in laser sintering of the R&D teams at Prodways, Norge, Farsoon and LSS.


The printers in this range use a high-power laser to fuse together successive layers of plastic powder. The six customers, including several international chemical and energy sector groups, were persuaded as a result of the printers’ high thermal stability and optimized mechanical properties, combined with a fully digital, high speed and very high precision laser scan system.
The Group highlights the fact that the laser sintering technology market is comparable in size to that of photosensitive liquid resins. This new range allows Prodways to cover the majority of industrial plastics applications in 3D printing.

Expansion of the sales network
Three weeks from the International AMUG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group) congress that will take place from April 3 to 7 in Saint Louis (United States), Prodways also announced the signature of six new sales partnerships.
These six new agreements will enable Prodways to be present in Russia, Greece and Poland and to strengthen its presence in the United States.

In the United States, the Group is associated with the Nexxt Labs company (Minnesota), who has been a provider of additive manufacturing solutions in the United States since 2010. Its teams include 3D printing experts, recognized for their expertise and knowledge of this sector. This distributor will strengthen the Group’s teams already present via its Prodways Americas subsidiary in this very high potential market.
In Poland, Prodways signed two agreements with the VPI Polska and Focus 3D companies. VPI Polska is a Polish company that specializes in market support for virtual or fast prototyping solutions. Focus 3D specializes in the distribution of 3D solutions for the dental market.
In Russia, the Group has also chosen to do business with two new partners: Consistent Software Distribution (CSD) and Ostec Corporate Group. Consistent Software Distribution (CSD) is a major distributor of CAD CAM and GIS software and systems in Russia. It has a structure of over 100 agents and resellers in the country. Ostec Corporate Group is one of the most important engineering companies in Russia and the ex-Soviet Union, offering engineering consulting and optimization services for the electronics industry. Since its creation in 1991, Ostec has supported more than 2,500 innovation projects for a wide range of sectors: electronics, electrical engineering, industrial equipment and telecommunications.
Lastly, in Greece, Prodways has decided to join forces with the Lino s.a. company (subsidiary of LinoGroup), a major integrator for the South-East Europe region, providing software, hardware, services and materials for the digital printing industry. Over the last few years, Lino s.a. has expanded its services to additive manufacturing. As a supplier of DLP® MOVINGLight® technology for the region, Lino s.a. will ensure the service and sales distribution for this technology in South-East European countries.
These six new partners, whose solid market knowledge and customer-focused approach allow them to be recognized in their respective geographical zones, will assist Prodways’ growth and support its strategic objective to become the third-largest world player offering multi-technological services and all 3D printing solutions.