Advanced technical ceramic company, SINTX Technologies, and Prodways Printers are pleased to announce they have entered into a deep technical partnership and ceramic slurry supply agreement.

SINTX and its subsidiary Technology Assessment and Transfer, Inc. will supply ceramic-filled printable slurries to Prodways and will assist in process development and customer support. The scope of collaboration will allow an end-to-end workflow collaboration on advanced technical ceramics, in particular for casting applications.

SINTX was an early pioneer of the ceramic 3D printing industry, successfully printing components beginning in 1998. The company invested in R&D for more than a decade – successfully growing its capability from prototypes and low-rate production into a true production process.

SINTX now sells 3D printed components made from alumina, zirconia, and silica, and also supplies custom printable ceramic-filled resins to customers across multiple industries. Recently, the company announced a multiple year supply agreement with a leading aerospace company.

The team’s 25 years of experience makes SINTX an attractive development partner for Prodways, a manufacturer of 3D printers and a leader in the additive manufacturing industry.

SINTX has been actively 3D printing ceramics with the Prodways L5000 since 2018 and is excited to benefit from the technical advancements from the latest Prodways hardware innovations as part of this partnership.

Prodways, a pioneer in industrial 3D printing, will be able to leverage SINTX’s Silica and Alumina qualified slurries on the latest MovingLight machine generation, specifically developed for the demanding requirement of ceramic application. In particular, the machine will provide a unique combination of high resolution and build envelope, while maintaining process scalability with flexible build envelope configuration and process-oriented parameters control.

Ann Kutsch, General Manager of the SINTX-Maryland site, commented: “Our outstanding engineering team has 6 years of experience working with Prodways printers, and we have already used their equipment to commercialize multiple resin compositions and part designs. I expect that a more formal partnership will lead to some breakthrough developments and novel solutions for all our customers.”

Vincent Icart, CTO and COO of Prodways, added:Prodways has had a very early exposure to ceramics 3D printing. Before this partnership, we were only supplying customers with internal capabilities development. We are thrilled to bolster our specifically developed MovingLight machineries with SINTX slurries, as our joint expertise will allow us to be an end-to-end solution provider for the most demanding ceramic printing applications.”

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