Among Prodways’ multidisciplinary R&D teams bringing together French, Chinese, Russian, Italian and German engineers, the “advanced projects” unit successfully achieved unparalleled performance in terms of part manufacturing speed through 3D printing.



A part 8.5 cm high was printed in a high-performance resin in 4 minutes and 15 seconds. This continuous manufacturing at an exceptional speed of 2 cm per minute was achieved by adapting Prodways technologies under specific conditions.

By way of comparison, printers using standard 3D printing techniques are able to manufacture at a speed of one centimeter per hour. The Prodways teams are unaware of processes that could achieve manufacturing speeds exceeding the performance presented in this instance.



This success demonstrates the exceptional technical expertise of Prodways’ R&D teams, led by André-Luc Allanic. In particular, it makes it possible to consider in the medium term the use of this new (still experimental) technology for specific professional applications. The possibility of printing a unique object in a few minutes opens up a new range of possibilities for 3D printing.


Watch the video demonstrating this unique performance