Prodways Group launches “Les Créations”, its Luxury, Design, Art and Architecture division


Combining hi-tech expertise with skilled craftsmanship, Initial, Prodways Group has been delivering original parts over the last 25 years to serve its 150 clients in the luxury, design, art and architecture sectors through tailored, exclusive and unique creations. In order to keep up with these fast-growing markets while demonstrating operational excellence, Initial today launches “Les Créations”, a division specifically dedicated to creative professions with a “Made in France” label.


• Key expertise in additive manufacturing in France over the last 25 years

This division was created to meet the specific requirements of designers while drawing on the recognized skills and expertise of the Prodways Group in highly demanding industrial segments, such as the aeronautics, space and automotive industries, representing more than 4,000 clients over 25 years.
“Les Créations” will support clients from the development of the very first sketch through to delivery of the 3D-printed object. Applying the utmost precision, and famous for their expertise and discretion, “Les Créations” will manufacture prototypes, molds, one-of parts and also pre-series and series parts. Tailored and hand-crafted finishing techniques are also applied in the Initial workshops.

• Thinking is printing – Unlimited creativity

The “Les Créations” division will draw on all the resources of the Prodways Group:
• the shape digitization team;
• the team of digital craftsmen who transform sketches into digital files;
• the 2 materials R&D laboratories to offer exclusive materials to their clients;
• the technical expertise center in the Paris region at Les Mureaux;
• the Prodways Materials workshop which manufactures materials;
• the 2 design, control and 3D scan studios;
• overall facilities comprising 30 3D, multi-technology printers located in Haute-Savoie near the Swiss border;
• the finishing and machining workshop for metal parts.


• A unique positioning on the global 3D printing market

The luxury, design, art and architecture market is a priority market for Initial, which already boasts more than 150 clients, including 25 watchmakers and jewelers of the Place Vendôme, scenography, design and architecture agencies, as well as national museums. Over the years, additive manufacturing has become the source of groundbreaking applications for these sectors in terms of geometric complexity and creations that are tailor-made, high-quality and unique. 3D printing technologies are coveted by creatives for their speedy implementation, cost-effectiveness and their ability to achieve the impossible. Initial has been working for 10 years with artists who combine art and technology, and intends to strengthen its position in the arts sector.

The unique offering of “Les Créations” will enable Initial to enter into a remarkable collaboration with its clients to achieve the levels of perfection and exquisite quality required in the demanding sectors of art, luxury, architecture and design.

Initial strives to become the first global player to offer the entire suite of 3D printing activities to creative professions with “Made in France” manufacturing for prototyping and series parts production.