Prodways, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, signs a partnership with LAYaLAY in Benelux


After a successful participation at Rapid 2016 in the USA, Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces the signing of a new partnership agreement with LAYaLAY in Benelux.


LAYaLAY was one of the early adopter of additive manufacturing in Benelux, now with more than 12 years of experience in selling professional 3D printers. LAYaLAY (which stands for “Layer after layer” or “Lay a layer”) is an established player in the additive manufacturing market and is composed of multi-technology experts known for their sales and technical skills.


LAYaLAY entered into a partnership agreement with Prodways to represents its latest laser sintering range, delivering state-of-the-art industrial production capabilities with advanced thermal stability for optimized mechanical properties, meeting the needs of a wide range of industries in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In addition, they will offer the large Prodways portfolio of powders and adopt Prodways’ open materials strategy, aiming to facilitate innovation. LAYaLAY works alongside NextStep 3D, who represents Prodways in the Benelux region not only for the new later sintering range , but also for Prodways’ MOVINGLight® range of products.


Malcolm Riesewijk, General Manager at LAYaLAY comments: “LAYaLAY is extremely pleased to be working in partnership with Prodways. Without Prodways, the picture of 3D printing is not complete. Our notion of how to best serve our customers is in-line with that of Prodways; the open structure and their innovative technology is exactly what LAYaLAY and our customers are searching for.”


This new partnership in Benelux, combined with the recent presentation of new ProMaker P1000, confirms Prodways’ ascent toward becoming the third-largest global player with a multi-technology offer.