Alban D’Halluin, new CEO of Prodways Technology: “2017 will be a strategic year for Prodways!”

The head of partnerships and R&D at Prodways Technology* since 2015 and recently appointed CEO, Alban d’Halluin looks back at a year marked by significant developments and announces the ambitious goals of Prodways Technology.

You took charge of Prodways Technology in late 2016. How would you assess the past year?
“Prodways Technology is a company brimming with talent and innovation potential. All our skills are focused on our customers and their applications to create industrial solutions that will allow them to innovate and stand out in their markets. The year was marked by good progress, in particular with the development of a new 3D metal printing technology and our unequaled performance in terms of rapidly manufacturing 3D-printed parts. I am proud to be appointed to lead a team with such great potential for innovation and thrilled about the first highly promising industrial prospects.”

On that note, could you tell us about your customers and their applications?
“3D printing is a highly confidential industry and we can’t talk about all of our projects. Fortunately, it is also a very small world and we are starting to make a name for ourselves as a key player in various areas, particularly in the dental sector where our expertise has become invaluable.

Moreover, at the end of March we will participate in IDS – the largest dental trade show in the world – where we hope to make a strong impression.
Thanks to the great potential of 3D printing, we are breaking the codes of conventional manufacturing and opening up new prospects, in particular in the automotive industry where our high-temperature laser sintering printers combined with BASF’s PA6 powder allow us to manufacture parts with excellent resistance to heat distortion that are perfectly suited to hot engine parts for Formula One cars or high-end/specialized vehicles.
In other areas, such as plastic injection, blowing, jewelry-making and podiatry, our technologies extend beyond the limits of conventional production, but these applications are too numerous to describe them all here.”

What are your goals for 2017, and what will be your strategy?
“Prodways Technology is determined to keep growing in 2017. Our technological innovations and our collaboration with leading partners such as Arkema, A. Schulman and the CEA [French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission] will begin to bear fruit. The year will be marked by key events, such as the AMUG conference at the end of March and Rapid in the US, where Prodways Technology will present its latest advances. In addition, Prodways Technology will continue to expand its selective laser sintering offer and the MOVINGLight® range as the prospects opened up by these two technologies are endless. Personally, I am convinced that great things lie in store for Prodways and that 2017 will illustrate our determination to take 3D printing to a higher level of excellence.”

*3D printer activity