Platinum 3D: Champagne-Ardenne Technological Industries Training Center is now equipped with a Prodways ProMaker L6000 3D printer


At the “Commission Industrie” event, held on Friday, January 20th at the Champagne-Ardenne Technological Industries Training Center of Charleville-Mézières, Platinum 3D will introduce its latest equipment: the 3D printer ProMaker L6000 from Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé. At this event, Platinium 3D is organizing several technical discussions regarding the possibilities provided by the MOVINGLight® technology, mainly in the fields of machining operations, foundry tooling, plastics processing and industrial control.


  • Platinium 3D: a cutting-edge technological & scientific platform

Platinium 3D is a technologic and scientific platform dedicated to the production of metallic parts through additive manufacturing processes.

Open to all (companies, public & private laboratories, technical centers, training centers, etc.) and equipped with significant training and research & development tools, Platinium 3D supports its customers in the industrialization of additive manufacturing processes, most notably in the key fields of tooling, wearing parts and high dimensions parts.


Objectives of Platinium 3D are numerous:

  • increase the use additive manufacturing in compnies and improve user skills
  • create and innovate in key industrial applications
  • promote the emergence of new partnership projects (R&D, training, etc.)
  • become an entry point to common means

In order to support industrial companies in their projects, Platinium 3D owns a Technological Industries Training Center equipped with latest additive manufacturing technologies in Champagne-Ardenne.

At the “Commission Industrie” event on Friday, January 20th, Platinium 3D will showcase the ProMaker L6000 from Prodways, which is the latest addition to the Center’s 3D printing equipment line-up.

Based on MOVINGLight® technology, patented by Prodways, the ProMaker L6000 functions by executing the polymerization of photosensitive resins using moving DLP® (Digital Light Processing) UV rays, delivering a unique combination of high resolution and fast throughput.


Thanks to its high production capacity combined with a high level of precision, this industrial 3D printer offers huge potential for industrial tooling applications.

This announcement displays the commitment to the common objectives of Prodways and Platinium 3D to make available technological & scientific tools that allow companies to develop and maintain a high level of competency, and also to deliver products with high differentiation, allowing them to be more competitive in their growing markets.