Creabis, one of the major German service bureaus, trusts Prodways Technologies’ ProMaker P1000.

Creabis, one of the top experts for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing in Germany, has chosen Prodways’ newest laser sintering 3D printer, ProMaker P1000, to ensure the most innovative options for their industrial customers.
With more than 20 years of experience with additive manufacturing, Creabis GmbH ( ) is now one of the major service bureaus in Germany, proposing various prototyping and additive manufacturing technologies to its customers in order to deliver the perfect combination of consultancy, support, and components.

Creabis stands out for its strong network of qualified industrial partners – developed through many years of cooperation – ensuring that they are always well-informed about innovative production methods and insights into new materials, their characteristics, and as-yet-unknown use cases. With hundreds of industrial customers from the lifestyle, white goods, automotive, and automation sectors, Creabis has become one of the top experts in rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing in Germany.

Creabis had been working with selective laser sintering technology as it has developed for well over two decades. Through ups and downs, innovations, and the return to tried-and-tested methods, Creabis has experienced it all and has a complete knowledge of the industry. Consequently, upon reviewing all the latest selective laser sintering 3D printers, Creabis chose the brand new ProMaker P1000 from Prodways to be installed in their facility near Munich.

Being focused on constant innovation, Creabis was one of the first early adopters of the ProMaker P1000 and tested it for more than 10 weeks. After that time, Creabis was convinced that Prodways’ selective laser sintering 3D printer was the clear choice, delivering excellent surface quality, fine detail, and high resolution, perfect for meeting the needs of customers seeking high-quality additive manufacturing.

The ProMaker P1000 from Prodways is capable of delivering a high surface quality and detail resolution with complex textures, especially important in the field of glasses manufacturing. 3D printing in the eyewear industry has drastically changed how glasses are designed and manufactured. Creabis is a well-known supplier of high-quality additive manufacturing solutions for this industry.

Enabling unique versatility and productivity (27 liters volume) for a large number of industrial applications, the ProMaker P1000 is making professional performance accessible at less than €100,000 in a compact footprint and is allowing Creabis to access a large portfolio of innovative powders including exclusive TPU.

As a pioneer of the 3D printing branch, Ralf Deuke, founder of Creabis states: “The ProMaker P1000 offers a unique combination of available build space, high detail resolution, very good surface quality, and obtainable materials. It fits perfectly into our portfolio of technologies.”

Renowned as a selective laser sintering experts, Creabis confirms the reliability and performance of the ProMaker P1000 among the additive manufacturing segment.