3D printing makes you more than just efficient.

If you manufacture for consumers, additive manufacturing can mean new design possibilities: Complex geometries, lighter parts that cost less to create, and functional prototypes that let you customize and iterate in days instead of months.

All that – and plenty of opportunities to save money, too.

Here’s how Prodways 3D printing solutions can give you the edge you need to keep competing.

Cut costs by reducing inventory and decreasing the need for production tooling

Reduce time to market with fast functional prototypes and improved iteration

Ignite innovation through an open-material platform, powerful production capabilities and the ability to do small series that increase consumer options and customization

Molds and Master models

Prodways’ exclusive MOVINGLight® DLP printers are ideal for those who want to create master models for aluminum molds or work with different iterations of injection-molded or blow-molded parts. Unequaled resolution and the ability to print complex textures mean your molds and models are detailed and trustworthy – and the fast production time means you can easily create multiple versions of a mold for testing and development.

Molds created with MOVINGLight® materials are appropriate for production of up to several hundred parts.

Functional Prototypes

If you’re creating plastic prototypes for functional testing, a laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer pairs optimal mechanical part performance with exceptional accuracy and strong thermal stability. Creating parts for functional validation yourself can reduce costs, increase innovation pace and ultimately reduce your time to market.

Prodways has a large portfolio of 3D printing materials for the manufacturing of parts with complex designs and superior performance.

Small Series Production Parts

Prodways’ ProMaker series of SLS printers lets you produce strong, durable plastic parts with superior mechanical properties. Create functional parts with more complex geometries than you can with conventional manufacturing techniques.

Producing your own parts can reduce per-part manufacturing costs for small series. You can take advantage of digital warehousing, producing some parts on demand and saving on the need to maintain a large inventory. And you’ll have the ability to iterate, improve and customize products more quickly and easily, shortening product cycles and bringing more value to consumers.

Two technologies; unlimited application

Prodways printers utilize two different types of 3D printing technology. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines are well suited for parts with high material function and significant mechanical stress, while our proprietary MOVINGLight® DLP printing is often ideal for applications that require the highest resolution and customization options.

Either printer may be a fit for consumer products, depending on your needs.

Case Study

Using Prodways’ P1000x SLS 3D printer, French sporting goods equipment manufacturer, Salomon, achieved perfection before their ski boots hit the market through 3D printed prototypes.

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