Take your design from a walk to a run.

The introduction of 3D printing to the footwear industry is allowing for faster market launches, a new level of customization – and incredible new structures that were simply impossible with traditional manufacturing techniques.

Smart materials, great design and powerful new machines are changing footwear. Here’s how Prodways helps you seize the moment.

Re-think midsole design with lattice structures that reduce weight and increase performance but aren’t possible with traditional manufacturing

Customize outsoles and insoles with small-series runs of personalized designs and custom parts for athletes – at a lower cost-per-part than with traditional manufacturing

Accelerate market launch with fast, effective molds and master models

Midsoles that set a new performance standard

Prodways’ exclusive polyurethane material, TPU, is soft to the touch and highly flexible – but it offers high fatigue resistance and more than 300% elongation at break. Paired with a P1000 series SLS printer, the material allows for complex lattice structures that are simply impossible to create with more traditional manufacturing processes.

That means midsoles with lower weight, higher performance and an almost endless opportunity for iteration.

Outsoles with personality

Prodways’ exclusive MOVINGLight® DLP printers deliver high-precision outsole master models for casting and molds for injection of elastomeric material. MOVINGLight®’s unequaled resolution means you can print complex outsole textures that are difficult to machine or print in other ways. And the ability to produce pressure- and temperature-resistant molds in just a few hours means you can bring new small or medium series shoes to market faster and more frequently.

All of which means your outsoles won’t just stand out – they’ll keep standing out, series after series, season after groundbreaking season.

Insoles that fit your market

For insole manufacturers, a P1000 series SLS printer with material like Prodways’ own TPU may be the perfect fit. TPU is flexible with great fatigue resistance, letting you manufacture unique custom insoles both for comfort and for orthopedic needs.

The ability to make insoles one by one is changing how podiatrists work, letting them scan feet and design treatments for foot pain that are then manufactured personally for each patient. Prodways Group subsidiary Scientifeet is one such manufacturing service. Working with them has helped our team learn to design solutions that won’t just strengthen your clients’ feet – they’ll build your business too.

Materials for the Footwear Industry

Two technologies; unlimited application

Prodways printers utilize two different types of 3D printing technology. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines are well suited for parts with high material function and significant mechanical stress, while our proprietary MOVINGLight® DLP printing is often ideal for applications that require the highest resolution and customization options.

Either printer may be a fit for footwear applications, depending on your needs.

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