Prodways launches the new ProMaker LD-3, compact 3D printer, which will open new segments for professional quality in a compact design


Prodways partners with W2P to launch a new compact ProMaker LD-3, moving DLP® 3D printer, to help professionals from dental, jewelry, education or prototyping industries by integrating 3D printing through their production processes.


This new ProMaker LD-3, confirms Prodways’ drive to offer the professional performance of DLP® technologies in a more compact, multi-functional format at an affordable price, in order to meet the needs of professionals initiating their transition to a digital work stream. In order to adapt to the several markets of dental, jewelry, education or prototyping, the new ProMaker LD-3 3D printer will offer a compact design, in order to fit into all environments with these high performance specifications:

  • Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 545 mm / 15.74 x 15.74 x 21.46 in
  • Print Volume: 64 x 120 x 130 mm / 2.52 x 4.72 x 5.12 in
  • Layer Thickness: 25 – 200 µm/ 0.001 – 0.008 in
  • Pixel size: 50 µm / 0.0020 in
  • Technology: UV-LED DLP® – Wavelength 385 nm
  • Weight: Approx. 20 kg / 44lbs
  • Operating temperature: 18 -28°C/ 64-82°F
  • Power Requirements: 100 -240 V / 50/60 Hz / 80 W


In the first step (early Q3), this new compact professional 3D printer, ProMaker LD-3, will be exclusively available within a full dental package, which delivers the complete high-value services of Prodways: from specific dental materials to Prodways’ dental expert support and training. This package (professional 3D printer + materials + premium services and training), will be sold as a monthly subscription at a total cost of ownership below 1,990 euros*.


This new dental package will also include Prodways Materials’ high-performance resins, meeting dental industry standards, including:

  • Resins for dental models intended for repair work (crowns, bridges, etc.)
  • Resins for dental models used in thermoforming (dental aligners, retainers, etc.)
  • Burnout resins for stellite casting or fixed crowns (metal or ceramic)
  • CE certified resins for implant guides


Another package dedicated to jewelry will follow before the end of the year and will be extended to education and prototyping industries in 2019.


This new ProMaker LD-3 compact 3D printer will allow Prodways to address a new segment of professionals looking for high quality 3D printing in a compact footprint. It confirms Prodways’ strategy of offering a broad portfolio of 3D printing machines, from large industrial machines to professional compact machines. All these 3D printers are compatibles with Prodways Materials’ resins designed for the most demanding applications and meeting the highest standards.

*under Prodways Technologies conditions