For a number of years Prodways has been developing ceramic 3D printers that allow printing of parts using technical ceramic materials such as zircon, alumina and hydroxyapatite. These applications are mainly found in the electronics, medical, aeronautics and luxury goods markets. The Prodways’ ProMaker V6000 ceramic 3D printer has sold more than ten machines in this niche market, which is set to expand.

In order to address new and larger applications, Prodways announces the launch of its new MOVINGLight® V10 ceramic 3D printer.

This more compact printer has an enlarged platform and continues to offer the benefits of accuracy and productivity provided by MOVINGLight® technology, at a competitive price. In extending its range of ceramic machines, Prodways is one of the only companies capable of printing using highly viscous materials, with very high ceramic content, and thereby more easily achieving ceramic density in excess of 99%.

Prodways will present this new printer in preview to the Chinese market at the Additive Material Exhibition 2018 at Xi’An, China, from September 6 to 8, 2018. The Chinese market represents the largest ceramics market. On this occasion, Prodways also announces the first two sales of its new MOVINGLight® V10 to two Chinese customers who have already ordered the machine as part of an “Early adopter” program enabling them to test the technology.