With the purchase of its second 3D printer, the ProMaker LD-10, the Crown Ceram dental laboratory has cemented its status as a pioneer in 3D printing. Using 3Shape solutions, it is pursuing its dental stream digitization strategy, offering its clients uncompromising quality and creating new applications for the dental laboratories of the future.

For more than 35 years, Crown Ceram, a dental prosthesis laboratory, has been cultivating its entrepreneurial and innovative skills using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee its clients uncompromising quality. Crown Ceram currently offers a full range of dental products such as crowns, bridges and removable prostheses. It has a team of over 70 dental specialists and a laboratory covering more than 2,000 m² equipped with the latest technology in this sector.

Crown Ceram’s determination to be equipped with the best technology is based on growing demand from its clients for precision and quality. The dental sector was one of the first to acquire additive manufacturing solutions. It now boasts extremely high productivity and quality gains owing to the complete digitization of its stream.

To meet this growing demand, Crown Ceram has joined forces with leading partners who are pioneers in their fields, to help dental clients switch their traditional production streams over to digital models. To achieve this, Crown Ceram opted for 3Shape solutions for all its CAD-CAM designs. In addition, the Crown Ceram dental laboratory now accepts digital printing and has begun its transition from plaster to 3D printed models.

After numerous tests with different 3D printer manufacturers, Crown Ceram also opted to replace the dozens of small 3D printers it had with the Prodways Technologies 3D ProMaker LD-10 printer.

As Frédéric Rapp, Chairman & CEO of Crown Ceram, confirmed: “We have carried out dozens and dozens of precision tests, a key indicator to ensure the quality of the products we supply to our clients. Prodways Technologies’ 3D Printer is currently the only one that reliably guarantees unrivaled precision over the long term. The 3D ProMaker LD-10 printer is fully integrated with our tools and is directly compatible with the software we use, notably the 3Shape CAMbridge solution. In addition, the productivity gain delivered by the ProMaker LD-10 allows our technicians to focus on more value-added tasks, rather than on maintenance. Previously, our technicians spent most of their working hours launching, maintaining, filling and cleaning the dozen small 3D printers we used. With Prodways Technologies’ 3D ProMaker LD-10 printer, our technicians can start printing dental models in the morning and concentrate on other tasks with higher value added, while producing the same quantity of dental models. Moreover, even though above all we were looking for a high-precision solution, one of the deciding factors was that Prodways Technologies staff was on hand to advise us on the best accessories and practices to adopt to ensure optimal use of our 3D printer throughout our production lines. As a result, our technicians have been able to develop new dental applications and pave the way for new processes and techniques to guarantee even more precision and satisfaction for our clients.

With this partnership, Crown Ceram, 3Shape and Prodways Technologies have cemented their position as major players in the dental sector, facilitating the adoption of digital tools for dental production.

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