Prodways Tech unveils new innovative material integrated into its range of PLASTCure line of resin for its ProMaker MovingLight 3D printers.

Absolute Transparency and an Ultra Smooth Surface Finish

Specifically developed by the Prodways Materials team to optimize 3D printing of aligner models, the PLASTCure Absolute Aligner resin combines outstanding accuracy and quality to achieve superior, repeatable results as well as several manufacturing-friendly features. The new resin delivers an unmatched ultra-smooth surface finish to achieve precise thermoforming results without sacrificing machine productivity and produces a more natural feel aligner.

“Absolute Aligner was created with our manufacturing customers in mind to ensure they are able to deliver the highest quality product on the market while increasing their productivity and addressing their manufacturing requirement”, explains Alban d’Halluin, CEO at Prodways Printers. “Our goal was to develop a new resin that provides an improved surface finish and transparency with minimal impact on manufacturing time.”

Produce the Clearest Aligner

Specifically engineered for the latest generation of Prodways ProMaker LD-series printers, The PLASTCure Absolute Aligner material is ideal for the industrial production of clear aligners models and enables manufacturing of one of the clearest aligners on the market. Optimal clarity is achieved when Absolute Aligner is used with a spinning cleaning station in post-processing.

Beyond clarity, the new material also brings several key added values for mass manufacturing. In particular, its advanced formulation and color were developed for easy 3D scanning to ease quality control protocols. The resin and printer accuracy also show an excellent contrast which facilitates the 3D printing of ID tags or other fixturing geometries which can then be automatically read by a camera to identify and process the parts in a manufacturing line to handle the post printer steps. Furthermore, thanks to its advanced formulation, there is no sedimentation, removing the need for frequent stirring.

“Absolute Aligner is the first in this new line of materials, breathing life into the PLASTCure range of resins and covering a full spectrum of needs, from high-quality, no-line aligners to industrial productivity. We have successfully improved our materials to meet the demands of the growing clear aligner market requiring precision, speed, and mass manufacturing capability. This approach is part of our commitment to R&D and continuous innovation to be able to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers”, concludes Alban d’Halluin.

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