ProMaker P1000 S


The ProMaker P1000 S is our new industrial 3D printer. Based on the Selective Laser Sintering technology (SLS®), the ProMaker P1000 S enables series production at an affordable cost while meeting the constraints of industrial production.



affordable, flexible, accurate

The ProMaker P1000 S industrial 3D printer offers a large build platform and a speed up 1.4L / h for the lowest price / volume ratio in its category. The new Prodways ProMaker P1000 S printer is therefore the perfect solution to start industrial SLS® production or to expand your material portfolio in an affordable way.

  • Proven technology: a “Made in France” 3D printer which provides an advanced temperature control system and a counter-rotating roller recoater allowing parts to be sintered with optimum quality. The ProMaker P1000 S is equipped with a Raylase brand scanner and a high quality 30W Laser.
  • High flexibility: The P1000 S is equipped by the “Slicing on the fly” functionality allowing to modify your production at any time. With more than 50 parameters accessible free of charge, it allows you to optimize your production of serial parts. Finally, to support the evolution of your production, it is possible to upgrade your ProMaker P1000 S to ProMaker P1000 X for more speed.



Build chamber size (LxWxH)
300 x 300 x 360 mm | 11.8 x 11.8 x 14.2 in
Build rate @0.1mm layer thickness*
1,4 liters/hour
Scanning speed
3.5 m/s | 138 in/s
Focusing system
F-Theta Lens
Laser power and type
30W CO2 - 450 μm spot size
Layer thickness*
60/100/120 μm
Powder feed type
Bi-directional, hot feed cylinders system. Counter-rotating roller recoater
Max chamber temperature
200 °C | 392 °F
Thermal field control
24 x 24 points grid system
Heating system
10 independent IR heaters
Camera system
Integrated video camera
Software features
In-machine, ‘on the fly’ slicer, compatible with STL and 3MF file formats
Available materials
PA12, PA11 natural and glass filled, TPU, PP
Printer size (LxWxH)
1700 x 1159 x 2008 mm | 67 x 46 x 79 inches
Nitrogen supply
Integrated high purity nitrogen generator
750 Kg | 1653 lbs
Power requirements
210 – 240 VAC, 8-12A, 50/60 Hz
Possibility to upgrade to a ProMaker P1000 X for more speed
ProMaker P1000 S in short
  • PRODUCTIVE: 32 Liters volume, up to 1.4 liters per hour in fast printing
  • AFFORDABLE: The best price / volume ratio in the industrial 3D printers category
  • RELIABLE: Proven technology and high quality French manufacturing
  • FLEXIBLE: Easy to implement and to switch from one available material to another

* Depending on material, geometry and nesting density



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