Surgical drill guide: high production 3d printer

Certified SURGICAL Drill Guides for precise placement of dental implants

3D printing materials are now offering CE certification to 3D print custom implant surgical guides for precise placement of dental implants.

With the combined use of intraoral scanners, x-ray data and advanced modelling software (eg 3shape’s Implant studio), dental experts can now 3D print high-precision unique surgical guides for orthodontic surgeons that can be reliably used to align the drill.

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Generally speaking, and this is valid for all the applications, the Return over the investment (ROI) of moving to digital dentistry can be summarized in

  • Better precision and quality
  • Faster production cycle
  • Great results consistency, unbounded to the personal skills of the operator
  • Better efficiency, in terms of costs and time
  • Increased patient’s comfort through all the steps of the process

Productivity and costs: 3d printed surgical guides

Production throughput and costs forecasts are important indexes to be evaluated when it comes to choose the right machine.

Production time on a ProMaker LD10 Dental Plus 3D Printer
Number of models 88
Material used PLASTCure Cast 300 HD
Total time @100μm LT (hours) 9h 40min
Time per part (@100µm) 6min 35sec
Average cost per model 0.54 €

Workflow for the creation of surgical guides

The standard workflows to get to a master model with the digital dentistry approach are two:

Workflow A (Direct)

Dentist Lab Dentist
Get the scan of the patient mouth using an Intraoral 3D scanner like 3Shape Trios scanner *
+ Get X-ray data of the patient mouth
Using specific software, it is possible to digitally align the x-ray and the 3D scanner geometrical data
Having both surface and internal structure information, is now possible to design the surgical guide for the patient
Sending the intraoral scanner data to the machine, the technician can print the 3D model of the patient mouth
Changing the material to PLASTCure Clear 200, the technician can 3D print the surgical guide
The dentist can now test the surgical guide on the patient’s mouth model, before performing the real surgical operation, minimizing the possibility of error and assuring the maximum comfort for the patient

3rd party software integration

To provide to its customers fully integrated solutions, from the dental scan to the part design, to the layout optimization to the printed part, Prodways collaborates with 3Shape, 3D scanners manufacturer (*) and CAD/CAM software developer (**/***), along with Materialise and Autodesk (***).

Prodways ProMaker LD and L series’ machine profiles and workspaces are available on all the most advanced software for dental application on the market.

Prodways machines and materials for printing dental surgical guides



Prodways developed an ultra-clear material with high transparency that, together with the dental series MOVINGLight® printers, allow superior build speeds.

For dental drill guides the material is classified and certified as a medical device class I, following the European regulation 93/42/EWG.


ProMaker MOVINGLight® printers, unlike other DLP®/Stereolitography printers, use no consumables, making it possible to provide industrial-grade productivity while keeping ownership costs low.