Alginate molds: Customized impression trays

the standard full arch, sectional or quadrant trays

Another 3D printing application in the digital dentistry realm is the creation of customized impression trays that truly match the patient mouth’s shape.

Each patient is different, and the use of standardized impression trays always brings a necessary tradeoff between practical convenience, patients comfort and final results.

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This is why, as a bridge between the traditional and the digital approach to dentistry, the 3D print of customized dental trays brings all the advantages of a customer-tailored solution to those laboratories that still rely on alginate molds for the final product.

Generally speaking, and this is valid for all the applications, the Return over the investment (ROI) of moving to digital dentistry can be summarized in

  • Better precision and quality
  • Faster production cycle
  • Great results consistency, unbounded to the personal skills of the operator
  • Better efficiency, in terms of costs and time
  • Increased patient’s comfort through all the steps of the process

Prodways’ exclusive Dismountable metal platform

The Prodways dental 3D printers feature granite build platforms (perforated platform as option) for increased Z accuracy and reduced post processing time (no support needed), improving productivity and part quality at the same time.

Custom impression trays printing workflow

Dentist Lab Dentist
Get the scan of the patient mouth using an Intraoral 3D scanner like 3Shape Trios scanner *
On the scanned dental model, using dedicated CAD software, it’s easy to design custom impression trays, with or without holes, with different holder form, and perfectly tailored on the patient’s mouth shape. **
Digitally place the 3d impression trays on the build platform of the machine.

Manual, semi-automated or automated nesting tools are available (***)

On the machine, choose the PLASTCure Model material, load the geometries in STL format and print the impression trays.
The dentist can immediately use the custom trays.

3rd party software integration

To provide to its customers fully integrated solutions, from the dental scan to the part design, to the layout optimization to the printed part, Prodways collaborates with 3Shape, 3D scanners manufacturer (*) and CAD/CAM software developer (**/***), along with Materialise and Autodesk (***).

Prodways ProMaker LD and L series’ machine profiles and workspaces are available on all the most advanced software for dental application on the market.

Prodways machines and materials for printing custom impression trays

3d dental printer LD10 & LD20
Model resin printed at 100µm layer thickness give the best ratio between part quality and print speed, allowing great productivity rates for impression trays on all the machines of the MOVINGLight® dental range.

Liquid resins for MOVINGLight® printers

ProMaker MOVINGLight® printers, unlike other DLP®/Stereolitography printers, use no consumables, making it possible to provide industrial-grade productivity while keeping ownership costs low.

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