Additive manufacturing has revolutionized the footwear industry with the introduction of new solutions to make insoles, midsoles, and outsoles with unique designs, offering improved performance which cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing processes. 3D printing allows shoe makers to quickly manufacture small or medium series of customized parts for athletes or to personalize a shoe model while accelerating its market launch.

Prodways is positioned as one of the leaders in the footwear industry with unique 3D printing solutions and materials for several applications.




3D printing of final, high-performance midsoles with TPU

Prodways’ exclusive elastomeric material for laser sintering, the TPU-70A, has already convinced big players in the footwear industry of its benefits.

Its unique mechanical properties offer more than 300% elongation at break to print final midsoles without infiltration with a high fatigue resistance. This TPU material combined with Prodways laser sintering printers delivers a high level of precision to print lattice structures that are impossible to create with traditional manufacturing processes.

3D printing midsoles with Prodways TPU reduces weight and delivering higher performance while allowing personalized design for each shoe model.


3D printing of master models with complex textures for outsoles aluminum molds


Prodways’ exclusive MOVINGLight® additive manufacturing technology delivers high-precision 3D printed outsole master models in order to manufacture aluminum molds for vacuum casting or low pressure injection of elastomeric material.

Its unequalled level of resolution allows shoe makers to quickly 3D print complex textures on the outsole that are difficult to manufacture or to machine with traditional techniques or other 3D printing processes.


3D printing of molds for small & medium series to accelerate market launch of products


Prodways MOVINGLight® 3D additive manufacturing technology also allows for directly 3D print the outsole molds with filled polymers for different processes of injection of elastomeric materials like vacuum casting, low pressure injection, etc.

Molds are printed within a few hours with unequalled precision using materials that are resistant to pressure and high temperatures.

This technique can accelerate the introduction of new small or medium series of sport shoes.


3D printing of custom orthopedic or comfort insoles

Prodways offers various solutions to 3D print custom orthopedic or comfort insoles. On one side, our laser sintering printers range and materials offer unique tools to the footwear industry to print large volumes of unique, custom insoles with polyamide or TPU materials.
On the other side, our subsidiary, Scientifeet, offers podiatrists a unique « on demand » 3D printing solution of orthopedic insoles.

Podiatrists use a unique, integrated solution developed by Scientifeet that includes a scanner for the foot impression and proprietary software that helps define the orthopedic treatment to be applied to the insole to solve the patient’s pain. Once the insole design is defined, the 3D file is sent digitally directly to INITIAL, Prodways Group’s integrated parts production center, who additively manufactures the insole on a laser sintering printer with polyamide material. Scientifeet can serve all podiatrists simultaneously with a large capacity of 3D printing of custom insoles that are delivered with within a few days.

(c) Prodways 3D-printing-shoe-sole


INITIAL is the product development, additive manufacturing, and production center of Prodways Group.

With one of the most important assemblage of installed additive manufacturing systems in Europe, consisting of various plastic and metal technologies such as FDM®, SLS ®, SLA®, MOVINGLight®, Polyjet®, DMLS®, EBM®, Initial is able to provide the best advice on the choice of technologies and materials to best manage your on-demand parts 3D printing projects with high-quality service.