To maintain growth and develop business in a rapidly changing industry, a digital workflow is essential for your 3d dental lab. A fully digital workflow allows dental labs to reach production standards that are impossible to reach with traditional work methods.

We are talking about the ability to produce thousands of invisible dental aligners per day per day with automated processes and a consistent, validated ecosystem. Regardless of the size of your lab, there are 3D printing solutions for your business with an integrated workflow from start to finish to work more cost-effectively and efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Digital workflow solutions begin with a complete software!

Behind every 3D model, there is software that can create it and communicate with every touch point at every stage from design to production via an industrial 3D printer. Schematically, the digital workflow software consists of three main steps:

  • Scanning: you scan in-house or via intraoral scanners to create the data that is then processed by the software.
  • Design: the software allows you to create the STL files that will be used or outsource this work to a specialized design center.
  • Manufacturing: you can manufacture your products yourself or use a third-party manufacturer.

The important thing is to be able to use interconnected software that can exchange the right data to ensure traceability. It is also possible to simulate and optimize the final rendering to define the best distribution of materials in each volume according to the technical constraints of manufacturing. Software is therefore the basis of your workflow by allowing you to:

  • Optimize your equipment,
  • Improve your daily productivity,
  • Create the most efficient and accurate parts,
  • Improve communication between all stakeholders (sending 3D files, models…) to limit risks and errors related to poor communication.

3Shape is an efficient CAD/CAM software to improve workflow automation for optimizing coordination between different dental software and services. It is also approved by the American and European regulatory authorities, which facilitates the medical certification process for customers. This is important, as dental aligners may be considered as medical devices.

3Shape is part of a validated ecosystem with Prodways Tech, which saves time in setting up the work process.

Oqton is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software that integrates systems to digitize production and helps plan, track, and trace all actions in a 3D dental lab environment.

With it, you can automate your CAM workflow, increase productivity, and have full traceability with full quality assurance.

Optimize your digital workflow with a consistent 3D Printer!

With a professional solution, industrial volume manufacturing allows you to produce at a lower unit cost and with a reduction in production time for better customer satisfaction.

From scanning to production, the entire value chain is interoperable. You get accurate and repeatable results, with better clinical outcomes for treatments that were previously considered too complex to perform.

With a digital workflow, you work smarter, more efficiently, and help transform the work of the lab technician. The lab technician can focus on value-added tasks and develop new skills related to 3D printing.

The ProMaker LD20 3D printer retains the strengths of the MOVINGLight technology. The ProMaker LD20 3D printer provides the unequaled resolution of MOVINGLight® technology, combining high dimensional accuracy and throughput for an optimized cost per part in a compact design. Designed for the 3D printing of aligner and orthodontic molds, this technology incurs minimal wear and tear over time. This results in reduced operating costs without sacrificing speed or quality, allowing for high volume printing with reduced cost per part.

A validated network of partners for improving your digital workflow.


It is important to choose the right solutions for your lab to optimize your overall digital workflow.

The interconnectivity between software and hardware like 3D printers is crucial. Choosing a complete digital dental workflow with a network of partners is a strategic advantage because many problems can only be solved with perfect coordination of software and hardware. At Prodways, we propose an optimized end-to-end workflow ,in partnership with Hamer (Thermoforming & blister packaging machines) and Digital Dental (Digital Aligner Trimming Solution), to deliver the clearest aligners on the market. Your 3D dental lab will benefit from reduced downtime and production costs, while helping to transform the work of technicians.

If you want to know more about how to optimize your digital workflow, please contact us.

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