With the announcement of Super-Resolution to our ProMaker LD Series of 3D printers for the dental industry, Prodways took up the challenge of continuing to improve the quality of parts while reducing production times.

We are also innovating in post-processing by giving our customers a safer and more cost-effective way to produce higher-quality pieces. This step has been optimized thanks to the use of a centrifuge to clean clear aligners and obtain a perfect finished product. This device also improves the recycling rate of uncured resin, helping to reduce costs.

In addition, the centrifuge allows the simultaneous treatment of up to 120 dental arches, saving significant time on this necessary cleaning step.

3D Super-Resolution technology is complemented by centrifugal post-processing, which is much more economical and environmentally friendly than isopropanol processing. This innovative duo breathes new life into this range to better serve the most demanding sectors requiring precision and speed”, explains Olivier Strebelle, Managing Director at Prodways Group.

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