Additive Manufacturing’s applications have had a particular focus on prototyping in recent years, but a new dynamic is emerging on the market with the production of finished and functional parts. This evolution is being facilitated by the emergence of innovative materials and technologies, which create new opportunities for industrial production of serial parts.

As a 3D printing specialist, Prodways Tech offers industrial SLS® (Selective Laser Sintering) machines that keep a large number of parameters open for greater efficiency, but above all, more flexibility.

What are the advantages of adjustable configuration?

A 3D printing machine with adjustable parameters makes it possible to define an infinite number of specific parameter sets in order to adapt and optimize the manufacturing of parts according to their typology. These adjustments can be used to optimize the strength, elasticity or texture of a sintered part.

The ProMaker PSeries machines are initially delivered with three sets of parameters per compatible material. These sets, validated by the application team, allow the production of high quality standard, thin or massive parts. This open configuration allows the creation and evolution of these printing sets until an optimal result is obtained for a specific application.

While most 3D printing machines have open parameters, they are usually limited in number. The ProMaker Pseries 3D printers from Prodways offer more than 50 configurable parameters, from laser power configuration to the full customization of the heating and cooling phases.

As an example, the number of passes made and the power of the laser on the contours is a key point in the production of a watertight part. Prodways SLS® printers also allow different parameters to be set for sintering the outer layers of the parts in order to specifically improve the surface finishing. For high-precision manufacturing, certain parts of the job can be differentiated to apply a specific set of parameters (built style), such as the energy supplied by the laser, to improve their mechanical properties. With these advanced functions, Prodways offers to its customers a production solution adapted to the geometry of the parts, but above all to their final use.

New P1000 S printer: the flexibility at an affordable price

To complete its offer, Prodways released a new 3D printer on November 30, 2021: the ProMaker P1000 S. Part of the same range as the ProMaker P1000 X launched three years ago, it retains its strengths: a large number of adjustable parameters, a large and accessible built platform (300 x 300 x 360 mm), an advanced heating control for good thermal stability, and the possibility of adding parts as the printing process progresses (“Slicing on the fly” functionality). It is also possible to record production data, a significant advantage for manufacturers in order to meet the challenges of traceability. Equipped with a high quality 30W laser, it offers a build rate of up to 1.4L/h. A production machine at an affordable price, perfectly adapted to start with SLS® production of parts or to extend its production capacity to new materials, such as TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) or PP (polypropylene).

Prodways 3D printing machines, designed for industrial use, offer the best production volume/price ratio in the industrial 3D printer category. Featuring proven technology but retaining the flexibility needed to meet the challenges of industrial applications, its enable the manufacture of large, high-quality parts.

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