Renowned French sports equipment manufacturer Salomon is known for producing some of the most rugged and durable outdoor equipment in the world. From hiking footwear to high-performance ski boots, the company has established a reputation for creating gear beloved by athletes pushing the limits of their abilities.

When the time came for Salomon to develop a new line of ski boots, the company’s designers chose to integrate rapid prototyping into the design process. They used the Prodways Promaker P1000x 3D printer with SLS technology to perfect the product’s design before its release. In this article, we will explore how a Prodways’ printer played a critical role in Salomon’s development of their new ski equipment.

3D Printing in Prototyping and Pre-production Analysis

Salomon’s new boot design was initially created in CAD (computer-aided design) software, allowing designers to create highly accurate digital prototypes of the footwear. Before the boots went into production, Salomon needed to perfect the design so that the boots would perform as expected. This is where 3D printing came into play.

Prototypes of the boot design were printed on a Prodways Promaker P1000x 3D printer. These dimensionally accurate models allowed designers to analyze the boots in detail and make any necessary adjustments before the product went into production.

The SLS technology allowed Salomon to finetune the design’s fit and assembly, measure the rigidity of components, check the fit of boot hardware, such as lace hooks, and perform a geometric analysis of the boot. This iterative process ensured that the final product would exceed the quality and performance Salomon’s customers have come to expect. 


With the ability to finetune the design of the new boot thanks to their Prodways’ 3D printer, Salomon was able to deliver a premium, high-performance ski boot to market. Salomon positioned the new boots as a product meant for serious athletes who demand the best from their equipment.

The company’s investment in innovative technology helped maintain the outdoor gear manufacturer’s reputation for creating premium outdoor gear. By augmenting its prototyping process with 3D printing with SLS technology, Salomon was able to create high-performance boots that met the expectations of top-tier athletes.

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