The demand for dental models is on the rise.

As dentists increasingly have access to intra-oral scanners, high-resolution scans and custom manufacturing are increasing. High accuracy 3D printers and materials with great surface finish all allow for more precise, more comfortable fits. That’s a big hit with doctors and patients. And it means a major opportunity for labs – if they can meet the need.

Prodways helps you do just that.

  • High resolution. MOVINGLight® technology was developed to bring incredible detail to DLP printing. With resolutions as fine as 40 microns per pixel, their precision is ideal for dental lab use.
  • Fast production. MOVINGLight® printers maintain the speed of DLP printing – and the granite platform means no consumables and no need for printing supports.
  • Consistent performance. Prodways machines are work machines: Simple to use and easy to rely on for great results every day, independent of operator skill.

High-resolution printers developed just for the industry

High-performance materials created for dental use

Collaborative partnerships with industry leaders

Production speed and cost for prosthetics and implants

Production benchmarks measured on a ProMaker LD10 3D printer:

Number of models45
Material used PLASTCure Model 320
Total time @50μm LT 4h 45min
Total time @100μm LT2h 25min
Time per part (@50µm) 6min 20s
Time per part (@100µm)3min 15s


Third-party software integration

Prodways developed its systems specifically for the dental industry, ensuring seamless hardware/software collaboration and a great result no matter how you work.

Our collaborations with the 3D scanner manufacturer and CAD software developers below ensure your printer will be ready for use with the most advanced tools on the market.

Designed for Dental: MOVINGLight® DLP

MOVINGLight® is Prodways’ proprietary DLP printing technology. Fast, reliable and even more accurate than conventional DLP, it’s perfectly suited to dental applications. Create customized, highly accurate dental products day after day, without relying on manual skill or operator proficiency. Discover the difference MOVINGLight® makes.

3D Printing Crown and Bridges

Explore how using digital dentistry for making crowns and bridges has improved the efficiency of dental labs.

Do dental printing right.

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