ProMaker P1000 X


The ProMaker P1000 X is our new SLS® printer. It’s the faster and more production-oriented version of the renowned P1000, offering almost twice the printing speed and a bigger volume, while keeping the flexibility and outstanding price/volume ratio that made the P1000 so successful.



affordable, faster, accurate, flexible

The ProMaker P1000 X plastic 3D printer offers all the advantages of the entry level P1000, pushed further in terms of build size, productivity, part accuracy and thermal control, while still offering the best price/volume ratio on the market.

  • Optimized mechanical properties: A new 24 points grid thermal field control, plus ten-zone IR heating system, delivers superior, more consistent mechanical properties across the part bed and process repeatability on a wider range of 3D printing materials
  • High-precision 3D printed parts: new accurate, realtime slicer, a fine laser beam, and an high performance scanning system, allow the print of smooth accurate surfaces with richness of detail.
  • 7 materials already available, and it’s easy to switch between the flexible TPU, the classic PA12 and PA11 (natural and glass-reinforced grades) and the new PolyPropylene PP 1200. Stark 3200 coming soon
  • Open materials strategy: The printer comes with a wide range of open parameters, extendable – for the most demanding research centers and universities – through the Process Developer License program.



Build chamber size (LxWxH)
300 x 300 x 360 mm | 11.8 x 11.8 x 14.2 in
Build rate @0.1mm layer thickness*
2 liters/hour
Scanning speed
7,5 m/s
Focusing system
F-Theta Lens
Laser power and type
60W CO2 - 450 μm spot size
Layer thickness*
60/100/120 μm
Powder feed type
Bi-directional, hot feed cylinders system. Counter-rotating roller recoater (optional: blade)
Max chamber temperature
200 °C | 392 °F
Thermal field control
24 x 24 points grid system
Heating system
10 independent IR heaters
Camera system
Integrated video camera
Software features
In-machine realtime slicer, compatible with STL and 3MF file formats.
Available materials**
PA12, PA11 natural and glass filled, TPU, PP, Stark 3200
Printer size (LxWxH)
1800 x 1000 x 1920 mm | 71 x 39 x 76 inches
Nitrogen supply
External or integrated high purity nitrogen generators
750 Kg | 1653 lbs.
Power requirements
110 – 240 VAC, 8-12A, 50/60 Hz

Our compatible materials

ProMaker P1000 X in short
  • AFFORDABLE: Low purchase price, and the lower cost/volume ratio on the market
  • PRODUCTIVE: 32 Liters volume, up to 2 liters per hour print speed
  • PRECISE: Fine laser beam, new advanced realtime slicer, 24 points thermal field control points
  • FLEXIBLE: Easy to switch between the available materials

* Depending on material, geometry and nesting density
** The Process Developer License allows to test and run even more materials


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