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Prodways 3D
Printers range

Our range is based on MOVINGLight® technology.
3D Printing industries
Countless sectors have been affected by 3D Printing and they’re growing every day.
3D pioneers in 3d printing
Arnaud Guédou, André-Luc Allanic and Philippe Barcet are pioneers in 3D Printing in the world.
New Prodways

Prodways presents new developments worldwide at the Euromold Trade Fair

Prodways is proud to announce a number of new developments to be presented to the public for the first time during the world 3D printing fair, Euromold, which will be held in Frankfurt from 25 to 28 November 2014. A range of larger machines to meet diverse market needs Firstly, Prodways presents its comprehensive new


Prodways expands its distribution network in Europe

Following the international 3D Printing trade fair, Euromold, Prodways is pleased to announce that it has signed several major distribution agreements aimed at its international development. These new distribution agreements will enable Prodways to create a sales and distribution network spanning Germany, Austria and Italy, in addition to Romania and Eastern Europe. Prodways decided to


Prodways to announce two new materials at EuroMold made with Somos® technology

Somos® has developed a range of ground breaking materials which are suitable for use in various LED and DLP machines, including the Prodways DLP Mobile machines using MOVINGLight technology®. Prodway’s MOVINGLight technology® uses DLPs operating with a wavelength of 365 nm and using very high power LEDs. This combination allows the use of resins with