An industrial revolution

3D Printing refers to a revolutionary range of processes that can create parts with hitherto impossible geometries; often within a space of hours.

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Our premium materials

Part and parcel of Prodways’ know-how is the creation of premium composites and hybrid materials, high-performance materials in terms of mechanical, physical, esthetic properties.

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André-Luc Allanic PhD

André-Luc Allanic PhD, Prodways’ head of Research & Development and one of the world’s specialists and pioneers in 3D Printing, has been behind most innovative technologies for the past 25 years.

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MOVINGLight® technology

MOVINGLight® is our disruptive proprietary technology based on moving DLP and strong UVA Leds, allowing to our industrial clients two major competitive advantages.

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High precision and resolution

High precision in all 3 dimensions and high resolution at high throughput offer competitive advantages to industrials. Use the magnifying glass on our website to see the precision of the parts.

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Prodways history

The encounter between Raphaël Gorgé, CEO of the Gorgé group and André-Luc Allanic Phd -one of the worldwide 3D printing specialist- has been decisive in Prodways' history.

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Prodways ambition

Our ambition is to help industrials, including biomedical and dental players, find new routes to successful innovation and production processes with 3D printing.

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Raphaël Gorgé, Chairman of Prodways

“Prodways technology is the new generation of 3D Printing technologies.
Our technology is the only one in the world that answers simultaneously the industrial, -including biomedical- market’s key expectations: unparalleled perfection of the parts produced, even on large parts, and distinctly improved profitability. With Prodways and its MOVINGLight® technology, we are convinced that we are offering the market the perfect technology at the perfect time. This advantage, coupled with our ambition and efforts in R&D, both on 3D Printing systems and materials, should allow us to establish Prodways in a leading position in 3DPrinting. And we are proud and eager to meet this challenge”.

Raphaël Gorgé, Chairman of Prodways and CEO of the Gorgé group.
The Gorgé group is a french company listed in Paris NYSE, Euronext
GORGE NOIR réduit réduit

Video of Prodways’ systems in use from our partner Dreve.


Prodways at RAPID 2014 trade fair in Detroit

Prodways packed its bags from June 10 to 12 in Detroit, Michigan, for the RAPID 2014 trade show. Prodways has exhibited for the first time in the United States its range of 3D producers based on the MOVINGLight® technology. Prior to this trade show dedicated to 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, Prodways announced two new


Prodways at 3D PRINT trade fair in Lyon

From June 17 to 20, Prodways participated to the first professional trade show dedicated to additive manufacturing in France: 3D PRINT show in Lyon. The 3D PRINT trade show is the principal business meeting event for all industrial sectors in France: Aerospace, automobile, telecommunications, electronics, everyday consumer products, industrial products, jewellery, medical, dental, packaging, art,


Prodways at Imagina Dental trade fair in Monaco

We had the pleasure to present Prodways at Dental Imagina 2013, which took place from 21 to 23 February 2013 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Imagina Dental Dentistry is dedicated to 3D CAD / CAM technologies aimed to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient comfort in many cases of dento-maxillo-facial diseases. Dentistry is one of


Read the interview of Prodways’chairman in 3DNatives !

Le groupe Gorgé est sans aucun doute la plus belle pépite française de l’impression 3D avec sa filiale Prodways issue du rachat en 2013 de la société Phidias. Début décembre, nous vous présentions leur technologie MovingLight ainsi que leur gamme d’imprimantes 3D. La société française a toutes les cartes en main pour affronter les deux leaders américains 3D