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Prodways Americas

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Partnership agreements in Hungary and France

After a year of strong advancements, Prodways announces the signing of 2 new partnership agreements

Strategic partnership agreement with Nexteam Group

Prodways announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement for its Aerospace division with Nexteam Group Following the launch of its Aerospace division in late November, offering a full range of additive manufacturing products for the aerospace sector, PRODWAYS GROUP announced today the signing of a major partnership agreement with NEXTEAM GROUP.

Case Study Aerospace

Prodways supports the aerospace and defense industries with the creation of its Aerospace division, whose objective is to offer innovative technologies and services that make it possible to design and manufacture parts with complex geometries, or with specific aerodynamic properties, which might be impossible to manufacture with traditional methods.

3D PRINTING WORLD INSIGHT curated by prodways
Additive manufacturing in Aerospace & Defence : Less is More
on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, Sourced through from:
Adoption of additive manufacturing is on the rise. Chris Jones outlines why it could find a natural home in the aerospace and defence sector, not just as it fits the low volume high value profile, but because it brings genuine engineering design advantages.
How 3D printing is revolutionising medicine
At the moment 3D printing is used for dental implants prosthesis hip implants simple vessel repair and skin grafts

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Six Uses of 3D Printing in Aerospace Manufacturing – Aerospace Technology
The aerospace industry has always been in the business of doing the impossible. Starting with the Wright Brothers, Octave Chanute, and later aviation pioneers such as Chuck Yeager, Yuri Gagarin and Neal Armstrong; all of these people started out...

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