High resolution 3D printing
with DLP® MOVINGLight®


Our industrial high resolution 3D printers use DLP® MOVINGLight®, a revolutionary 3D printing technology patented by Prodways. This additive manufacturing solution is based on the polymerization of photosensitive resins using moving DLP® (Digital Light Processing) UV rays, delivering a unique combination of high resolution and fast throughput.

MOVINGLight® high resolution 3D printers are particulary well-suited for producing prototypes requiring crisp details and smooth surface, but also end use industrial applications such as dental models or surgical guides, investment casting, injection and blow molding, thermoforming molds, shoe sole molds, and jewelry casting.

The Prodways-exclusive MOVINGLight® 3D printing technology delivers:

  • Unparalleled resolution – as fine as 32 microns per pixel
  • High productivity – up to 10 times faster than other market technologies
  • Large production platforms for high throughput and printing of large parts 
  • Innovative resins materials (acrylates, epoxy or hybrid) for a large range of applications

More about MOVINGLight technology


Designed for high resolution 3D printing with liquid photopolymerizable resins (acrylates, epoxy or hybrid), the ProMaker L Series 3D printers are capable of producing high-quality parts up to ten times faster than current market standards for applications such as investment casting, injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, master patterns or wave guides.

ProMaker L5000

Industrial 3D printer for high resolution 3D printing

1 DLP® head

400 x 330 x 400 mm


ProMaker L6000

Industrial 3D printer for molding and casting

1 DLP® head

800 x 330 x 400mm


ProMaker L7000

3D printing system for industrial production

2 DLP® heads

800 x 330 x 400 mm



The ProMaker L Series “D models” have a granite build platform, enabling better control of the Z-axis, ideal for small parts requiring ultimate precision. They reduce the need for support structures and are perfect for high resolution 3D printing of parts like dental models, jewelry parts and others.

ProMaker L5000 D

Industrial 3D printer for dentistry

1 DLP® head

400 x 330 x 200 mm

Ultra-precision on Z axis

ProMaker L6000 D

Industrial 3D printer with high resolution for jewelry parts

1 DLP® head

800 x 330 x 200 mm

Ultra-precision on Z axis

ProMaker L7000 D

3D printing system for mass production

2 DLP® heads

800 x 330 x 200 mm

Ultra-precision on Z axis