Make no compromises when manufacturing your prototypes and your functional parts: print in 3D with unparalleled resolution with a very wide variety of compatible innovative materials.

How does the Prodways Movinglight® technology work?

The MOVINGLight® DLP®, a technology patented by Prodways, is a photopolymerization process for producing prototypes or functional parts with very high resolution and at very high speeds, by polymerizing the photosensitive resins with moving DLP® (Digital Light Processing) UV light.

Fixed DLP® technologies project a single image on the entire surface of liquid polymer resin, which limits the size of printed objects in order to maintain acceptable resolution. However, the moving DLP® of Prodways’ MOVINGLight® technology projects a 40 x 70 mm image made up of 2 million pixels which sweeps across the entire surface of polymer resin. This results in a very high active resolution of 40 microns per pixel on every part of the build platform. The largest Prodways 3D printers thus reach a record number of more than a half-billion pixels per layer, delivering incredible precision and high resolution without increasing costs or production time.


The Prodways MOVINGLight® DLP® technology can be used in multiple applications:

  • Validating a design
  • Testing ergonomics
  • Marketing presentations
  • Molds for lost-wax casting
  • Master models for vacuum casting
  • Model for wind tunnels
  • Producing final functional parts
  • Producing dental models