3D printer for dental & orthodontics 

Prodways is a significant player in the highly specialized dental segment and has developed a range of high resolution 3D printers, high performance 3D printing materials and services dedicated to dental manufacturing.

Prodways’ expertise and excellence in the dental segment can be attributed to several partnerships with the biggest names in the dental industry, including Dreve, Deltamed and DentoSmile and also with renowned dentists and leading international suppliers.

In the digital age, the dental world has modernized production to meet the growing challenges of innovation and productivity.

Production centers and mutualized organizations with an industrial mindset seek the manufacturing tools most suitable to their performance needs to meet requirements of both quality and profitability.

Prodways has developed its expertise in this sector and offers 3D printers, optimum additive manufacturing materials and services with an unparalleled level of quality for:




Dental models for prosthetics and implants

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Orthodontic models for thermoforming of aligners

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Certified implant drill guides

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Lost wax casting patterns, for RPD, bridges & crowns wax-up

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Customized impression trays

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